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Dr Raphael Aesthetics Ltd is an independent aesthetics practice that operates a membership plan that aim to provide its patients with exclusive benefits. The membership provides excellent savings and discounts on consultations and services as part of a continuous healthcare programme and allows a member to spread the cost of payments interest free. Membership is subject to agreement to the following terms and conditions:

The Membership Plan

  1. The Plan is operated and promoted by Dr Raphael Aesthetics.
  2. Membership of the plan is restricted to registered patients who pay for their membership by debit or credit card via stripe. Payments will be collected from your account either online or on the day of sign-up and will be repeated monthly appearing on your statement as Stripe Dr Raphael Aesthetics. It is a condition of your membership that you maintain an account to permit payment by your card and Stripe.
  3. The benefits of the clubs are non-transferable to any other individual or organisation.
  4. There is a minimum term of 12 months for membership. A rolling contract commences thereafter.
  5. There is an initial cooling off period of 7 days from sign- up. Customers who opt out of the membership during this period are not entitled to membership benefits and must remit to the clinic the full cost of the consultation and services.
  6. Within the 12 month term (the "term"), members are entitled to consultations and treatments up to the value of £600 (€600 in Ireland) and are required to pay for treatments that exceed this amount.
  7. If you are wanting to use the full credit of treatments on your first visit with us, we require a 30% payment upfront. For example, if you choose the Gold Plan and have the full £1,200 of treatment on your first visit you'll be required to pay £400 on the day but your 1st monthly payment of £100 will not start until month 5.
  8. Credit for treatments within a term cannot be carried forward to subsequent terms and neither will a refund be payable.
  9. Provided that monthly payments continue immediately after expiry of a term, a member automatically qualifies for membership and benefits for a further term.
  10. A member can cancel at any time after completing the first term provided that they have remitted in full the cost of consultations and treatments used.
  11. Dr Raphael Aesthetics reserves the right to debit card payments for missing or a default in monthly membership. There is a £25 transaction fee (€25 in Ireland) for collection of each non-payment by card. Debt recovery costs may also apply.
  12. There is an age restriction of 18 years to joining membership.
  13. Your name, (email) address, telephone number and bank details must be correct at the time of application and you must notify Dr Raphael Aesthetics Ltd of any changes in your personal or contact details within 28 days of the change.
  14. Dr Raphael Aesthetics reserve the right to (i) terminate the membership at any time; (ii) amend membership benefits at any time; and (iii) amend the terms and conditions at any time.
  15. Dr Raphael Aesthetics will post or email any changes to the terms and conditions of membership to you and it is a condition of your membership that you understand any changes in order to ensure that you remain compliant throughout your membership.
  16. Dr Raphael Aesthetics reserves the right to refuse any application to join membership without giving a reason. In addition, those who join the membership on a short term basis in order to make a one-off use of the generous discounts and benefits will be deregistered from the clinic and debt recovery specialists will be instructed.
  17. The membership is designed for those who wish to pay for their medical service as part of a healthcare program over a period of time. The membership fees are purely for professional services and are non-refundable upon cancellation of membership.
  18. Membership benefits are available to members as soon as their applications have been accepted.
  19. Membership benefits are not valid with other offers unless otherwise authorised by management.
  20. Dr Raphael Aesthetics Ltd will not pass your details on to any third party other than for the furtherance of your own medical interests or where we are required to do so in order to comply with current legislation.
  21. Members will be contacted from time to time about any products, services or special offers that we feel may be of interest to you.
  22. These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England & Wales.
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